Kanji ユート
Also Known As
Hair Color Purple, Black
Eyes Color Gray
Physical Description
Age 14
Gender Male
Status Alive(Soul Absorbed by Yuya Sakaki)
Occupation Duelist
Affiliation The Resistance, Lancers
Anime Debut Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, Episode 07

Yuto Edit

Yuto is the main protagonist along with Yuya Sakaki in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC V anime. Yuto :) is the Xyz dimensional counterpart of Yuya Sakaki, Yugo, and Yuri and is currently residing in Yuya's body.


Yuto is nearly identical to Yuya Sakaki such as when Shingo and Yuzu mistook him for Yuya, with the only difference is the eye color(Yuto has gray, while Yuya has crimson) and hair color(Yuto's hair is purple and black and is sweep upward, while Yuya's hair is red and green and is flat.) 


Yuto has a merciful nature, examples of this is when he depleted Sora's life points but didn't beat him in a duel, because of his injures. Yuto has a strong desire for peace and seeing smiles on people's faces. Yuto seems to completely trust Yuya even though they only met for a short time, examples of this is when Yuto was in Berserk Mode, when Yugo was in this state as well, Yuya helped him return to normal, while Yugo carried on with his attack Yuto protected Yuya by moving him out of the way for him to take the hit instead. Yuto trusted Yuya his Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon to him believing in him to carry out his wish: to make people smile with dueling. Yuto's personality is cold and collected, while Yuya's is entertaining. In episode 53 Shun Kurosaki judged Yuya for not only using Yuto's card but also his dual disk as well. Due to Shun's outburst at Yuya, Yuto telepathically telling Shun that Yuya would never betray his friends.